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Monday, 04 June 2007 11:39
I used to respect Roland Martin and appreciated his judgement and expertise.  After seeing an ad yesterday for the "Rocket Fishing Rod," I am no longer sure.

If you haven't seen this thing, check out the link below. It is billed as 'a huge innovation in family fishing.'  Basically it is a plastic gun that when you pump it once or twice, will launch a projectile with a plastic pod at the end of a 30 foot cord.

When the pod hits the water, it opens up to drop a hook and bait in to the water.  The projectile serves as a bobber.  Assuming a fish hits, there is a plastic reel on the launcher to reel it all in.

Maybe its just me, but this looks ridiculous.  I am all about getting kids involved with fishing, but its been my experience that the best way to do that is to get them started with decent equipment.  This just looks absurd.

More than anything, I was surprised that this was endorsed by Roland Martin.  I can only guess Roland might be hurting for money or something.



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