Fish Virus Reaching Epidemic Proportions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave M   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007 22:56
I had this interesting article passed to me about a killer fish virus that is leaving shorelines covered with fish carcasses.

In the Great Lakes regions, "viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus" (VHSV), is approaching epidemic propotions and infecting multiple species of native fish populations.  This virus afflicts 19 identified species with anemia and internal bleeding.  As is often the case with these types of things, spotting affected fish is not always easy as symptoms vary by each species.

Although the Great Lakes seem far away from our Kansas and Missouri waters, we should be learning a lesson from the Asian carp and Zebra Mussels.  What may not seem to be a problem today will likely be in our doorstep in less time than we know.  An outbreak like this could seriously damage our fishable populations.

Prevention of spreading this particular virus is similar to the actions for Zebra Mussels in not transporting bait from one body of water to the next, draining livewells, etc.

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