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Friday, 27 February 2009 03:54

I have always tended to stay away from national politics on this site, but as the song goes "the times, they are a changing."  Eric Holder, the Obama's new Attorney General, talked about the new administration's effort to renew a ban on certain types of firearms, presumably in part becuase Mexico wants us to.


Now, the ridiculousness of this ban runs on all levels.  The first being that just because a gun might be black, or look like something the military might use does not neccesarily mean anything.  How a gun works is essentially a mechanical operation, and so called assault rifle bans tend to very quickly start to impact very legitimate sporting weapons.  Further, whether or not a firearm has a sporting purpose is really not relevant, and the powers that be now this.  It always seems that going after unpopular types of guns is a precursor to going after all guns.

Second, the very nature of the ban is quite unconstitutional and with any historical perspective, the second ammendment is clear.  I for one am pretty certain that I don't like the idea that the rights granted to me in the constitution are going to start to be infringed.  I understand that many people like to say that the Second Ammendment is a collective right, not individual, but that simply does not hold up to srcutiny of the historical record.

I also really question motives behind such bans.  I think the evidence that bans really reduce crime is pretty elusive.  In trying to justify this current position, Holder said one of the reasons for pursuing this current ban is "I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum."

Can they really be serious?  We are going to give up a constitutional right in order to "help Mexico"??? The absurdity of that concept is more than I can comprehend.

Well, this argument can go on for pages.  Just consider this as a caution to be ever vigilent.  If you are concerned at all, don't hesitate and make sure and contact your congressman and senators right away.

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