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By Dave M
29 May 2014

Thanks. It was a good run

Well.   This is a bit overdue and bittersweet, but for now, there will no longer be any updating or upgrades to the site.   As time passes, things change and I have found that my kids and work take up the time I previously spent on the site.  Free time now is generally spent outdoors, which was the point all along.

Over the years, it was certainly interesting to see this site and people evolve.  I can think back on friends made.  I have been to weddings, cook outs, meetings and even mourned the loss of avid sportsmen on occasion.

Generally speaking, this site was always about trying to improve the outdoor experience for everyone, and I think we accomplished that, more that what I have seen elsewhere.  Due to the activities of people on this site, we have educated others, we have changed the regulations in KS, and places hundreds if not thousands of pieces of habitat for spawning fish.   Those are great things.

Maybe at some point in the future, this site will take on a new life.  For now, I will leave all the previous content archived.  Thanks for stopping by, it was a good run.


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